Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar eclipse from the West Coast

It was supposed to be overcast and cloudy all day but for a few minutes late this afternoon the sun peeked through and I was able to snap a few (75) quick shots of the solar eclipse! The above shot was the best of the bunch. I took this with my Sigma 120-400 at 400mm. then cropped to about 25% of it's original size in Photoshop.
I'm really hoping one of the other posters here on this blog site had clearer skies in their area and got a better picture than this to post!


  1. Great photo...our sky was wet and cloudy.

  2. very well captured, glad you posted it.

  3. I like it...seems mystical!

  4. that looks really great! love the moodiness of it!

  5. You may have been the only one of us to get a picture. I had my camera and filters set out but I started working on the computer trying to catch up from being gone and completely forgot about the eclipse.

    I'm with Val on this one, it does look mystical. Nice shot.

    How'd you take the picture without any filters?

    1. Ron I set the camera's exposure down to about -3.0 and with the clouds acting as a filter of sorts I was able to get my shot. Though I understand the best way to capture sun pictures is to shoot with an ND filter or by making a pin hole projector with two sheets of paper and photographing the projected image.

  6. Very nice shot! You are good for the Moon shot lately. Thanks for the tips.


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