Monday, May 7, 2012

Fill flash and beach portraits

Sunny the dog.

Most times when I take a picture like this with sky as background either the subject is backlight or the background is blown out.
Lately however I have been using the flash even on bright days for shots like this. Sure am glad for digital cameras... If I had to figure out all these finer points using film and processing I would be broke!


  1. Standing strong, and good looking K9. There is something about this guy, he always like to climbing on things!

  2. What a pardner that Sunny is!
    Paul that is a real helpful tip to a new and maybe even older photographer. Started using this technique about a year ago, (if I can remember to activate the flash),found it purely by accident! Wish I would have had a digital in my first years of photography long ago. The Digital Camera is a teacher in itself!

  3. A splendid idea successfully led to a splendid photo. Wonderful, totally wonderful!

  4. A great shot! It seems you were getting a pose just for you.

    I have occasionally used a fill flash but only when I remember I can do it, which isn't very often. There's so many tricks to this photography stuff!

  5. sweet dog!! and excellent tip!


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