Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Although I'm sure this gal is a wiry lady, she seemed laid back and having a good time staring back at all of her admirers that passed by.

    I love the unusual and do believe this creation fits in that category. Wish I could have found the artist who envisioned this piece.

Her blue haunting eyes seemed to stare a hole thru you, as if looking at someone or something behind you, or maybe she was just reading a person's thoughts!

"WIRE" Terrier!

The wiry lady's pet was just as wiry as it's owner. It's eyes seemed to have a wild and distrusting look to them! I thought the way it was displayed in front of the hollowed tree was creative in itself !



  1. That's a very interesting art work, and it has a scary looks to it. It would be good birthday present for someone you love.

  2. ooh. like the lady. not a big fan of her pet, though.

  3. These are definitely interesting but I'm with Q, just a little scary! Can you image walking past these in the evening when the light wasn't great and you had had one too many? You'd probably have to change your pants! LOL

    1. Aw! Maybe not to scary?
      I looked on her toe tag at the
      price; $1550 and in red letters, SOLD!!

      You might start looking around the
      farm for some rusty baling wire and weave yourself
      a figure or two for an Arts Fest!

    2. I'd probably just get myself all wrapped up in the barbed wire and then I would be cussing you. LOL

  4. Art now takes so many different forms, and I applaud the diverse techniques. Love both of them.

  5. Oh my gosh... I love that lady in the chair~

  6. I've always had a thing for "Red Heads"! LOL

    Must be a mile of copper between these three sculptures. Parker you always find all the interesting stuff to take pictures of!

  7. These must have really been time consuming.

  8. I always learn something from your posts. Love that creativity. Like Randy must have taken a lot of time. One must respect that. =) great shots.


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