Monday, May 7, 2012

Traveling Picture Taker

Self Portrait

Give this Artist a wire welder and turn him loose in a ' junque' yard, and the wheels in his creative mind will begin to turn. Everyday and familiar discarded metal objects is fodder for this guys imagination, which with a weld here, a few sparks there, and a whole lot of talent, wonderful  objects begin to appear! And things we all recognize! A deer, a photographer standing in back of his travel trailer with the awning rolled out, and spoons for fenders, and a sparking couple with some fancy footwork going on in the campground! (View full screen, lots of objects he used in creating this scene.)

     Happy to say that my travel window finally opened up! Thought the title to this post and the self portrait photo fit my situation just right! Truck and trailer both have new shoes, groceries (both solid and liquid) are loaded, more clothes than I need, two tanks of fuel for the truck (it's always thirsty), camera and equipment with batteries charged, optimism and good thoughts, Plastic Money and Paper Plates, I'll see you in a few days!


A few pics are left which I will post from time to time.
Another series from March is already in the can which I have
not posted yet, But can't wait to see what that little Nikon
will take a notion to look at on this trip!
This is Great Fun!!





  1. I love to see an artist using scrap materials created into a piece of art. It's amazing thing to see how a human brain can do. By the way, well focus photo. Good work!

  2. I like this photo a lot! It reminds me of the animated movies where they take a photo and move an object just barely and then take an other photo until they have enough to piece together a movie.

    And yes, it does look a lot like your enviroment although I don't remember any dancers at your camp. LOL

  3. Come to think of it, I haven't saw any dancers either!
    That quiet campground makes for a good experience!

    See you in a few days, want to be on the road by 10:30!

    1. Well then quit playing around on the computer and go! LOL

      Have a good trip! Tell Mark, Tana amd Cindy we said Hi.

  4. Wonderful find and great commentary as always!

    Have a good trip, looking forward to seeing what wonderful people, places or things you find to point your lens at!

  5. That is amazing metal work. Super creative. What patience I'm sure. When I click on the photo and saw up felt like I was a child again. Great shot as well. Safe travels! =)

  6. I hope you are having great fun Parker. Love the self portrait! What great art there. Can't wait to see more pictures from your travels. Stay safe. I miss you!


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