Friday, May 11, 2012

One ugly mushroom!

While out hiking and picture taking the other day Stephanie my wife found the ugliest mushroom and took a few pictures of it. While she was doing this I took her picture. Stephanie shoots with a Fuji 14mp S-2959 which does a great job of everything from macro to landscapes and everything in between!


  1. that's a pretty ugly fungi. (hi stephanie!)

  2. Its a great picture od a little motiv. Top!
    Thanks 4 your comment and please com back and look at my new post. What do you thint about this?
    Wieczorama (◔‿◔) | Mein Fotoblog

  3.'re not kidding! It's ugly! =/ Great shot.

  4. I agree, very ugly mushroom!

    You need to get Stephanie a good DSLR so she has to lay down on wet cold ground and look through a viewfinder to get those kinds of shots. LOL

  5. Ugly, but I bet is it good to eat. I wish my wife willing to take picture like that so I can buy her a new D4.


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