Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dallas Dragon Boat Race 2012.

This is an annual Dragon boat race in Dallas area that hosted by Chinese communities in DFW area.  They have done this for 12 years, and I did not know about this until yesterday.  There are other things including in this festival, such as flying kites, and other cultures stage performers.  Yes, Ron they do have Hula dancers there, but I preferred stay at the race.  The best thing at this festival is hearing the Hawaiian music in the background while sitting in the Sun taking pictures.

These pictures are from Nikon D3, 200-400mm with CP filter.


  1. Great find Q! Hawaiian music and Dragon boat races in the sun... How can you go wrong with this combination like this?

  2. All these summer festivals are so much fun to see..Thanks for the photos. The reds are so outstanding.

  3. Looks like way too much work to me. I think listening to the Hawaiian music and sitting in the sun is more my style. Although, watching the hula dancers wouldn't be bad either! LOL


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