Monday, October 28, 2013

Champion 20 ton log splitter review.

I finally did it... After much research and reading many reviews for this splitter and many others I bit the bullet and bought myself a Champion brand log splitter on sale at Canada Tire. In Canada they call this a 20 ton splitter but in the US it's a 22 ton. Must be metric vs. standard tones.

It came in a big cardboard box with a plywood bottom about the size of a coffin and weighed just over 400 lbs. I had to use the tractor to lift it out of the back of the truck!

The splitter was well packed and even though the box was a little beat up on the outside everything inside was in perfect condition.

The instructions that came with the unit were well written and easy to follow and I had it all bolted together after about 2 1/2 hours. When assembly was finished I added fuel and oil to the 7 hp 208cc Honda clone engine and a little over one pail of hydraulic oil to fill the oil reservoir. It started first pull! 

For several years I have been stacking the nastiest, gnarly unsplittable wood to one side thinking I would use the chainsaw to cut it into firewood size pieces. Perfect test for the new machine! Long story short it was no contest, the splitter walked through the pile of ugly wood in just a few minutes. I went on to split another cord of wood and finished up in just over an hour without even breaking a sweat!

I'm giving this well built log splitter 5 out of 5 stars! 


  1. i've got some of those gnarly, ugly wood pieces sitting here - just waiting for someone to come by and split them for me!!! wanna take a (little) drive south? ha ha!

    1. Ha ha, no problem... It's got wheels, I'll just nip down next long weekend!

  2. Does that mean you've been splitting wood by hand all of this time??? I did that one season and then I went and bought a splitter. Having the machine do it is a lot less work!

    Congrats on the new purchase! It will make life easier. I'm suprised it wasn't already put together for you. It was probably more work putting it togehter than it was splitting the wood.

  3. Yup every year, all split by hand! It got a little easier when I got a new wood stove last year, I was able to go from 24" wood down to 20" wood. My only regret is that I didn't do this a few years earlier!

  4. That's one serious looking splitter you got yourself. From the sound of it your stocking up on wood just got easier!

  5. Looks liken you will have hours of fun with this splitter, great bit of kit.


  6. Every home should have one. Well maybe not in the desert states.


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