Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"SEEN" On the Loop de Loop

Making The Loop

I believe the Dragonfly must have been lost or at least missed it's turn. It seemed to slow down, land, and walk the loop, before flying off in the direction it came from!

I suppose the walking trails in our City Park could be called loop de loops? They do go from one end to the other of the grounds before circling back to where one started. About two miles worth, not including a few side trails with figure eights! Wooded areas along with pond side trails and open ground keep the walk from being boring!  



  1. that's really cool. and very pretty! you got some great bokeh in this shot!

  2. Yeah Parker, what Tex said. I love the muted colors.

  3. Nice well balanced photo and good bokeh as Tex has already pointed out!

    Not easy to get these guys to hold still long enough to get a good shot most of the time...

  4. I like this! And the title ain't bad either!

  5. Parker, you have walking trails in a city fortunate you are! It sounds like more than just a peasant place! Getting exercise plus finding great photo ops is a real treat, isn't it? Love the composition of your post. Dragonflies are wonderful subjects.


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