Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lurking beneath the surface...

It's the white legged balding glass face fish. More commonly known as the old fat guy.
Not a shark in sight!
Just a nohu pinao, better known as the lion fish.


  1. :) i like your sea turtle buddy.

  2. Two shark incidents, one here on Kauai and one on Maui this week. Fortunately no serious injuries. Kinda gives me the creeps. Beautiful photos!!

  3. I think I may have seen that first picture before somewhere... That turtle is huge. Your picture of the Lion Fish is beautiful, I'm surprised you never posted this one earlier!

  4. Nice series of diving shots. Quite an interest you two have!

    Saltwater creatures have evolved into such unusual colors and forms. The lion fish is a good example of what makes sea critters so photo worthy!

  5. That is one cool looking fish.


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