Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More mushrooms pictures...

I apologize for more of these boring mushroom pictures but last few times I've been out for a hike the weather has either been dark, drab and overcast or socked right in solid with fog! Not the best conditions for scenery shots. Nothing left to take pictures of but some of the many and varied mushrooms that appear this time of year.


  1. i like these! the slug in the first shot is a nice add. the last one is my fave.

  2. You have make beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  3. No apologies necessary. I like these. That top shot is great!

  4. A great subject in these photos. Colorful and that slug in the first pic was a nice find!

  5. they are all very pretty. don't apologize!


  6. Love these mushrooms shots, have you looking into a extended tube for these macro shot? It only capatible to a lens with a aperture ring. It doesn't work with G lens.

    1. Regrettably I have no lenses with an aperture ring... Always keeping my eyes open for older Nikon glass when I'm in the city but haven't found any lenses I really "need" yet... Ha ha!

  7. Some of the new extension tubes will work witht he new, non-aperture ringed lenses. The set of extension tubes I have work with my Nikon 28-300 VR lens. The will auto focus and meter unless you stack all three together and then the auto focus doesn't work right and you have to manually focus but the metering is still dead on.

    The extension tubes is a very inexpensive way to get a great macro lens. The 28-300 lens will focus about 4 inches away at 300mm. The one thing you have to keep in mind is a zoom lense has to be fully extended for the extension tubes to work.

  8. The last one reminds me of a sea shell in Florida.

    I like all you have takesn. Wow #1 is a good take all right. Beautiful! With all the greenery about it.


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