Sunday, October 20, 2013

"seen" The Virginia Creeper

Leaves of Three, let it Be!
Leaves of Five, let it Thrive!
childhood ditty

Five Leaves
Often confused with the poison ivy, which often grows alongside, is the Virginia Creeper. Only the most sensitive have a reaction to this plant. The berries are poisonous to humans; but the birds, squirrels, and deer, delight in the bounty!

A Blush of Fall
Unlike the dreadful poison ivy which only has three leaves; it is easily identified by it's five leaves.

A Chameleon 
Saturday, which was yesterday, we woke up to a hard frost. The first this fall. A signal to the sensitive! 

Pick Your Color
Seemingly overnight the colors chose to take on the wardrobe of fall. Pleasing to the eye I think!

Frost Bitten 
Exposed to the elements more than some, the leaves growing on the outermost confines of the woods, changed to a pleasing red hue overnight!

Last Hurrah!
Not giving up easily, the five leaved creeper mustered up it's best example of red. The final celebration of a successful and abundant growing season!

Thirteen I Think?


  1. i do avoid it when it grows along our fence lines and the like. i've brushed up against it and gotten itchy (but i also used to get dreadful reactions to poison ivy) so i try to give it room to do its thing. :)

  2. Another good advice from you! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Interesting plant and colorful when touched by frost, glad we don't have it up here on the Coast!

  4. I am very reactive to poison ivy. I have hung hunting stands in trees with this stuff and got a rash. I just figured I got into some poison ivy. Good information and I will avoid the creeper. Lol. Nice photos of the changing leaves.

  5. You're full of great info. I never new this plant would give someon a reaction like poison ivy. Poison ivy doesn't affect me and we have a lot of the Virginia Creeper growing around here so it's never bothered me either but it's nice to know that if might affect someone else.

    Great colors in the photos. Our leaves here are going from green to brown with not much color in between.

  6. Pretty leaves. They didn't get very nice here in Pa this fall.


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