Friday, October 18, 2013

My good side

I figured since Paul was sharing a photo of himself I would do the same. This is my best kind of self portrait, my back to the camera and slightly dark so I don't blind anybody with my white legs.
Cheryl took this (when I wasn't looking of course) with the Nikon P7700. I really miss that camera. LOL


  1. What a gorgeous place and brilliant colors.

  2. Nice sunset on the horizon!

    I like the new header photo for the blog site too!

  3. beautiful scene...from the backside. LOL


  4. What a gorgeous place to be taking photos:) The colors are fabulous!

  5. Good looking sunset happening in the background! As far as the P7700-your just going to have to get over it! Cheryl has posted a claim on that Nikon! LOL


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