Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spun Webs "seens"

A Watched Web
All in a nights work! Sun was just coming up when I raised the blinds on the window by my chair. The sun room is where I have my morning coffee.
 I was surprised to see this intricate web that was built overnight by an orb weaving spider. It was a shy thing. When I stepped out the door with camera in hand, it quickly scurried up out of sight. There were witnesses. The camera captured the web and the face in the sunburst on the outside wall saw it all!

Web of the Writing Spider
Tex down at the Run Around Ranch south of us calls this a Zipper Spider Web. Up here in Oklahoma I like the name of "Writing Spider!"
Folklore has it if you looked too closely at this web weaver, and it looked back at you, it would spell your name in it's web and your demise would be soon! Same goes if you mention your name or someone else. No problem here. The spider was no where in sight! Whew! We are all safe!



  1. writing spider! that's a cool name - i had not heard that before. sort of like charlotte's web. :)

    i like that first shot with the colors and light in the background.

  2. pretty captures. I've seen lots of webs like the first one but none like the second one. Glad the spider wasn't there to see you. LOL.

  3. Nice find and pictures, amazingly intricate designs! Though they give me the eb-gb's I find spiders to be very fascinating creatures.

  4. That was one busy spider. I am always amazed at how quickly they can make these webs.

  5. Nice photos and I love the commentary. I never heard of a writing spider or the folklore of wirting your name. I knew I didn't like spiders for a good reason! LOL

  6. I love that first picture! I have enjoyed your "Seens" articles, you always seems to have an interesting article goes with it.


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