Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Unsettled skies

A view of the unsettled skies over Queen Charlotte Strait from several days ago.

In order to capture the clouds in this picture without them being blown out I had to set the exposure down to -1.3 then when I got home I went to work in Photoshop and brought the beach back up to an acceptable brightness, saturated the colors a bit, a bit of sharpening and it's finished.


  1. Beautiful. Nice work. A HDR shot might have worked really well for this shot.

  2. It worked really well. That's a great shot!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Great shot! I wish I was there with you, beautiful landscape.

  4. Nice touches with your processing. Wonderful scenery!

  5. This is a nice shot! I like the little bit of yellow in the foreground on the pole with the yellow in the clouds in the background. I agree with Aaron that it probably would have been a good spot to try an HDR image.


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