Monday, October 21, 2013

Falling leaves

Everything is so wonderful and interesting and new when you're almost 3 years old! 

This is one of my three Grandchildren taken a few days ago by her Mom with her cell phone. She definitely has a good eye for composition, now if she would only start using a proper camera to take pictures with.


  1. har de har har. :)

    sweet little one! bless her!

  2. LOL! Good luck with that. If she's anything like my youngest daughter she'll never touch a "real" camera.

  3. You guy's have a real "cutie" in that little one! Picture perfect I would say!

  4. My daughter her hubby bought her a camera as she was the same . Now she uses it
    all the time. First time on me. Close up. Now she takes beautiful sunsets with her new camera.

    I am so happy she is now into taking pictures.

    What a lovely picture of this darling Grandchild and the fall.

  5. she is soooo cute. Cell phones do pretty good don't they

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  7. This is a shot of a lifetime! Congratulations to her Mom.


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