Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rain on the Horizon

Still digging through the old photos.
I was taking some underwater shots in Maui this year and happened to stick my head above water to see a rain storm coming in. I didn't see any lightning so I just stayed in the water and took photos. You can barely see the island of Moloka'i through the rain.


  1. even clouds have to be in hawaii... :P

  2. Strange remembrance this pic brought to my mind. I was riding my motorcycle thru the desert country in New Mexico back in 1979. I spotted a small rain shower, such as this one, a mile or two to my south. No need to stop and put the raingear on. Just kept riding and enjoyed the show! Similar but in totally different environments!

    1. In 1979 when I arrived to this country, there weren't any rain in Savannah Georgia that I could remember! But, I love Savannah Honey Fried Chicken that I couldn't find around here in Dallas. Sorry, nice shot Ron!

  3. Nice picture especially when you consider you were taking it with the camera in an underwater housing!

  4. What a view. On one hand beautiful, but on the other also very menacing.

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