Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who left the water on?

These were taken back in April of this year at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge after it had received a substantial amount of rain. On the top photo, the dam was blocked when we got there to take pictures. Ron and I unblocked it to be able to get the pictures we were wanting. I had to climb down a very steep rock face to get below the dam. On the bottom two photos I used every ND filter I have, but even with those I was only able to get a half second shutter speed. These were shot mid day and the sun was very bright. 


  1. Very beautiful all. I enjoy looking at all this.

  2. Stunning. I love silky water shots. These are superb.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. I'm sure right now you can ignore those barriers as long the Government still in shutdown! Good job of catching the silky water. You are probably already know that there's a few apps to help you to determine which ND filter suitable for your shooting condition.

  4. That's a tuff climb down the rocks behind QP Dam. Always wondered what a pic would look like from down there? No way was I ever going to attempt the descent and ascent! So thanks for the shots-hard earned as they are!

  5. I really like your photo from below the dam, well worth the challenging climb!

    The bottom picture definitely has that nice silky look to the flowing water despite the bright sunlight.

  6. Those came out really nice. I like the perspective you got in the first photo. It looks like you were in the water when you took the shot. I guess it's time to look at buying a Big Stopper! Q's going to put all of us in the poor house. LOL


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