Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can you say ........


You would be surprised how fast these things can move. I only had the point and shoot with me and it limited how fast I could focus and shoot so it took several shots just to get one in focus. I thought he was going to climb right up on my camera as he was walking towards me.

By the time the camera focused and fired he was already so close that he was out of focus. I might add that this was taken without any zoom. Not that I'm a big chicken or anything but I wanted to get off the ground and out of his way as fast as possible! :~)


  1. Fuzzy little critter. I know what you mean about them moving fast while you are trying to focus as I tried to get a pic last week. I think its going to take one person to get its attention while the shooter captures the photo.

  2. Well if that's the case, I volunteer you to hold onto the spider while I take the picture. LOL

  3. And that's why I don't move to Kansas! Aye yi yi... Great capture, you're a brave man!

  4. I never seen one of these in the wild before, but if I do, I won't be standing there take pictures like you Ron. Your picture give me some goosebumps!

  5. Standing??? I was laying on the ground to get these shots.

    I had to keep moving back because he just kept walking towards me like he was trying to see if I would move.

  6. Yikes, I would never lay down in presence of an XXL spider. Or any spider, for that matter.

    Though this is one pretty creepy crawly. :)


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