Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sitting on the rocks watching the Sun peeking over the mountains to the East, the shadows were long that were reflecting on the water.

As the Sun rose higher the Native Wildflowers began to brighten, changeing the attention of where the lens focused.

Despite temperatures topping the Century mark, wildflowers were found to be blooming over a good part of the refuge. This red Indian Paintbrush stood out among the many yellow daisy flowers.
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  1. I like these pictures! You have chose the correct lighting for reflections. Also, I like the new style of frames on these pictures.

  2. Very nice group of photos! I especially like the dreamy quality of the bottom picture!

  3. These are all nice shots but I'm partial to the top one. I like the water and the reflections and the way the trees frame the water. Very nice!


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