Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photographers In Action!

These are the group of people that I went on the last trip to Utah, and AZ. The top picture are just 6 people out of 16 that would dare to climb up to this rock to shoot.

The bottom picture are from Mesa Arch. As you can see the Arch just above our head, and it's not much room for everyone, and the Arch is not as big as you seen in the picture. We have to setup our camera about a feet away from the edge of the rock. Just about 1000 ft. drops in front of your camera.

We got here about 3:00 A.M. to get the open spots, and we only have 5-10 min. to shoot the Sun rise reflecting from on the bottom of the Arch.

I think my camera is next to the guy wearing the white cap, and my camera bag is on the bottom of the picture. Wait a minute, I thought my wife supposed to be watching my bag!

By the way, have a safe trip back to Kansas Ron, and Cheryl.


  1. Neat pics of people doing what they like. I like getting started early, but 3:00 AM!?LOL Just shows the groups dedication to their passion. Hope all had a succesful shoot as you did.

    I've never seen so many tripods in one place before!!LOL I know, we all should use them a lot more.

  2. This must be very inspirational being around all these fellow photographers! The 3:00 am part I would have a hard time with though...

  3. 3:00 a.m.? Man, you'd have to have a pretty good breakfast waiting for me to get me out of bed that early! LOL

    Standing in line to get a photo? I bet it's easier to get a spot if you don't have a tripod! LOL


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