Monday, June 27, 2011

More HDR

Here are several more HDR pictures using Photoshop CS4 and the techniques I described in my last post.

By the way all of these pictures were taken at the same location. What a beautiful little bay this must have been to live in.


  1. You are the Man! I always enjoyed the HDR pictures. It required some extra time to prepare the camera, such as shoot with a tripod that someone I know refused to do so most of the time. LOL. Good Work!

  2. Oops was I soposed to use a tripod? All the HDR pictures were handheld. CS4 has an alignment feature thankfully! To tell the truth these were just quick shots so I could go home and play with the CS4 HDR.

  3. Okay! I guess I read too much of photography books. I think sometime I need to break the rules.

  4. These are all very appealing photos. I can see you are enjoying this new challange.

    In the pic of the building where the rafters are jutting out, what are the round objects hanging down? They look like shaped rocks or pulleys.

  5. The round objects are fishing floats. These ones are called Spanish Cork Floats as they are made out of bark from the Cork Tree.

    This type of float hasn't been used for probably 40 or 50 years now, don't see them very often anymore.

  6. Thanks. Very interesting to a landlocked flatlander like me.


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