Sunday, June 26, 2011


The view from behind of the peacock.

These pictures are from Smith's tropical paradise garden. We went here for a luau the night before, and I found at least a dozen Peacocks on this property. By the way, it's a best luau that I have been to all the Islands.

Too bad I did not have my DSLR at the time, so therefore I found some time on the next day to return to this place.
It tooks me about 1/2 an hour to find a good bird to shoot. Once I have found one, for some reasons this bird was dancing for me for about 20 min. after I set the tripod in front of him. I guess the tripod made him defensive.


  1. Very nice set of pictures! It looks like this fellow was showing off for you...

  2. Colorful birds when fanned out. Seems if a bunch of eyes are staring at you. Abstract lines in first pic are interesting.

  3. I love these shots! Very nice!.

    How close were you to the bird? His spread of feathers looks huge!

  4. Ron,
    I was 5' away from the bird on 17-55mm lens, and about 20' on 105mm macro lens.


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