Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Young Eagle

After only three outings with the newly repaired and returned Sigma 120-400 the lens is having focus motor issues again... So off it goes again for another 2 months to get repaired, fustrating! Should have bought the Nikon 80-400 I guess.

This picture is with the Sigma at 400mm manualy focused. A little slower but it can still be done!


  1. Extremely well focused pic of the juvenile eagle. Every feather has detail. The new growth of the pine cones adds to the youthfulness of the eagle.

    Bummer about your lense going kaput again. Seems everything always has to be sent back for one more time before its done right.

  2. I agree with Parker, this is a great shot with a lot of detail. Getting the eagle shot is fantastic but having the pine cones in the shot really adds to the detail. Very nice!

    That sucks about having to send the lens back a second time. I think I would be sending a nasty letter along with the lens.

  3. Absolutely stunning picture!
    Sorry to hear about your lens problem again. I know how you feel.
    Good Luck!


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