Friday, June 10, 2011


Finally got me a Pic of a Collared Lizard !
This little clown was trying to stay hid while watching over the trail we were on.
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  1. Ron, and Cheryl.

    I have tried to call you this morning concerning about your moving. I wish all the best of your moving. Also, it wouldn't be fun without you and Cheryl on my next camping trip at camp Doris.

  2. Parker, are you getting lazy? Where's the frame?? LOL

    Nice shot! Even without a zoom lens you got up close and personal.

    We are going to have to find a time when we can meet up with Q this fall in the mountains.

    Saw some elk this morning on my "walk" but all I had was the point and shoot and I haven't looked to see if I got anything good yet.

  3. Nice close in shot! Colorful too.


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