Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twisted tree

Took this picture up under the canopy of an ornimental Maple with the Sigma ultra wide at 10mm. Other than framing this picture is as shot.


  1. Great idea for a photo. Perfect amount of light coming thru the twisted branches. Right amount of foreground with tree filling rest of frame. Interesting subject. Very well done, and no tweaking, wonderful!

  2. Very, very cool!! This is fantastic, I really like it a lot!

    Nice eye and great photo. It looks like you shrunk yourself down and took a photo of a bonzai tree.

  3. Paul, I love this shot. Color, composition, texture, lines all great. I've missed looking at your work. I must now return to my daily photo challenge work.

  4. How the heck did you get the exposure on the tree like that? This is a very difficult shot in the shade.

  5. Q the only thing I did to take this shot was to set the exposure to -0.3 ev. Other than that the camera did the rest.

    I keep the "D Lighting" set to auto and the "Picture Control" at "Vivid" with +2 saturation.


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