Sunday, June 26, 2011

Secret Falls

To get here, we went on the Kayak for 2.5 miles, and hike a mile on slippery trail. I didn't expected to see about 60 tourists when I arrived at this location. We have about 1/2 an hour at this location before we head back with our tour guild. However, I got lucky about 2-3 mins. to shoot the water falls without anybody in the frame.

I shot this one with a ND filter -6 stops, 3.6 s shutter speed, f/16, and my camera on a tripod just about 2" above the water.


  1. Wonderful secret falls! Great shot!

  2. Let me guess, the flowers just happened to be sitting on the rock when you took your picture? Cheating again I see. LOL

    Very, Very nice!!Great shot of the water and the flowers were a nice touch.

    Camera and tripod in a kayak? I hope you had a waterproof bag for the camera or you're a better kayaker than I am.

  3. Wow! Beautiful location to capture a picture. Your choice to use a ND filter at f/16 worked out real good!

  4. I wonder who is giving out the Secret maps to the Lost Falls? LOL

    No joke about these excellent shots!


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