Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Take one pound of coffee, wet it good with water,
boil it over a fire for thirty minutes,
pitch in a horseshoe, and if it sinks,
put in some more coffee.
( From Ramon F. Adams ) 'Come an' Get It' The Story of the Old Cowboy Cook

Photo taken at Mark Crutchers Camp in the Wichita Mountains.
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  1. Around here we have "Tug Boat Coffee" with much the same recipe! Guaranteed to keep your eyes wide open...

    Thats quite the rigging attached to the coffee pot, looks like you can pour coffee without taking the pot off the fire.

  2. "Tug Boat Coffee" I like that name.

    Mark was quite proud of that rigging. Very handy and usefull. The handle on those porcelain pots have a way of getting pretty warm.

  3. That's a great shot, makes me want to go camping but only after it cools down!

    Mark had that rig made special just for his fire and yes, you can pour the coffee without touching the pot.

  4. Now that sounds like some coffee. :)

    I got some online acquaintances who had been stationed in Germany for a time, and they tell me what they miss most is German coffee. Which makes me believe that the average US verson would send hat horseshoe into a fit of laughter. :)


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