Saturday, June 25, 2011

Poipu, Kauai

While walking back to my place, I found this local fisherman catching some baits for his fishing trip. I wish I have time to setup my camera on the burst mode.

Caught this tourist enjoying the Sunrise over the Shipwreck Beach.


  1. I think you did just fine without the burst mode. Does this mean you took this photo without a tripod?

    I really like the top shot, it has a little bit of everything in it and the lighting is perfect.

    A tourist huh? I think just maybe you had something to do with that tourist being there. LOL

    I love the sky in that one and the reflections in the water. What lens were you using?

  2. Ron,
    I did use a tripod on the first picture, and the lens is 17-55mm f/2.8.

  3. Both excellent pictures each for it's own reason. To be sure both photos benefit by having a person in them. I must remember this for my own photos!
    I like the bottom picture it looks so calm and peaceful.

  4. I enjoyed both pics. Agree with Paul on the last photo. Calm and peaceful.


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