Monday, June 13, 2011

More from the point and shoot

I guess it seems you should always carry a good DSLR with you when you go hiking. I was trying to lighten my load due to the 100 degree temperatures and sure enough, just as we walked into a clearing there was a herd of elk. I've been trying to catch some for a couple of months now and of course, when I finally see some,  all I had with me was the Nikon point and shoot.

I zoomed the best I could and then cropped this photo. This bull is just about a quarter the way through growing his new antlers, fuzz and all. Man, I wish I would have had the D300 with the Sigma 150-500mm lens!


  1. I wish you would have had the big gun lense also. Seems those trade offs always have a price to pay. But on the bright side you still have made two nice captures of the elusive Elk. That Bull is going to sport a very respectful head dress this fall. Hope he remains in the area along with his harem. Would love to have the opportunity to take a pic or two this fall.

  2. Bummer not having your good camera gear with you but you still came up with a couple of very nice shots!

    You might want to try using the "Vibrance" adjustment and possibly add a little contrast to these pictures using CS4. I think it would really brighten these pictures up.

    The Vibrance and Saturation adjustments can be found on the Image tab under Adjustments.

  3. I'm disagreed on your big lenses for the bottom picture. Your composition on the bottom picture is perfect. Your main object really standout from the brown grass, and the trees line on the background. I think trying achieve the his new anglers, wouldn't tell me you have come a long way to capture this rare wildlife. Good Work!


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