Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Sugar Plantation.

This sugar plantation located near Poipu area. I think this factory were closed for more than 20 years ago. Currently they are trying to built new homes in this area, but it wasn't successful due to real estate crashed 3 years ago. If you have an extra money, go can buy an acre land here for $1.2 million. I wonder how much Mr. Yahoo paid for this land when he bought 1/3 of this island 15 years ago?


  1. That is alot of valuable real estate. Great pic of the old factory. C&H "Pure cane sugar from Hawaii" was an advertising jingle years back. Maybe that was their factory?

  2. This would be a very interesting place to explore with a camera. Nice group of pictures and interesting story to go with!

  3. I really like the second shot! The sky with the green on the ground really make a good contrast.

    Just 1.2 million an acre? We could pool our money together and maybe buy a couple of square feet! LOL


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