Thursday, August 2, 2012

Converging Worlds

East meets West

The reflections at 1:24pm were at their best. This east facing window seemed to blend these Oriental ladies with their view of the street scene outside where I stood. The inside and the outside scenes became one!

Upcoming Event

My visit to the Bomb Shelter in the Plaza District was March 24, 2012.
The studio and gallery specializes in multi media  21st century Dada design. Wide format prints, silk screen, canvas and sculptural are included. The young artists are successfully keeping the Dada art movement alive at this studio. Futuristic, surealism, modernism, and graphic are all words that can be used to try and define these works. I believe you have to feel it to understand it!

What World and Century are We In

The robot and the space traveler seem to be standing on the same concrete and plane as I. The buildings behind the man are the buildings behind me. The buildings behind the robot blend with both worlds. Reflections at the Bomb Shelter are fun to point one's camera eye at!

Retro and Pointed

Plaza District


  1. that is a pretty slick effect the way your concrete and buildings become part of their world. :)

    1. No sleight of hand Tex. What the camera saw excepting a small crop, a little color brighten and frame was all that was done!

  2. There may be another "coming event" for the bomb shelter depending on how the election goes! LOL

    Great reflections. I don't think it would have crossed my mind to do that.

  3. Interesting displays and again more nice reflections.

  4. Well done on the reflections!

    So what kind of business uses the name "Bomb Shelter"? Difficult to tell by the sign or by what they have on display in their windows.

  5. I like the Bomb Shelter picture! This remind me we had a bomb shelter built inside our home from Vietnam. I remembered we did spent one night in this shelter during new year day in 1968 due to Northern army were attacking us. Lucky enough our house didn't got hit by any bombs, but the gun shots, and the explosions kept me up all night. But, by the next day I went to play soccer with the other kids like normal.

  6. You're in some fascinating place!


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