Sunday, August 19, 2012

Up close

I never really noticed it until Q remarked about my bird photos, but I actually took quite a few bird photos this trip. I kept having to push Aaron out of the way to get them though. LOL


  1. Nice composition on this one! The lighting is perfect, keep going buddy!

  2. I'm with Q. Birds make good subjects and present a challange. Nice capture on this one!
    Just thinking? It wasn't to long ago when we started seeing Wildflowers and domestic flowers showing up in your posts. Way to Grow!LOL

    1. Thanks Parker! But now that I have seen Q's last post I seem to have some more growing to go. Although that kind of growing may get me in trouble! LOL

    2. OH OH! Please leave me out of it, I don't know anything! LOL.

  3. Great angle Ron...that is some bill!


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