Monday, August 27, 2012

Courage To Lead

Courage To Lead
By Denny Haskew
Chest thrust forward and exposed. Bois d' Arc bows stringed with sinew from the Buffalo, pulled at full draw, holding the straightest cedar shaft arrows, tipped with the sharp flint of the Alibates Quarry. At the release the shafts will try to touch the Sun . The arrows that were launched will disappear in the blinding light. Aimed skyward to fall back to earth from where they came, suddenly a choice must be made. When the arrows comes back in view, run or stay. Lead or Follow!
There was no story that I found for the inspiration of this sculpture! The words above are my own interpretation of what I saw!
Denny Haskew;
Member of National Sculptures Guild
Represented by the Columbine Gallery of Loveland,Colorado
Member of the Potawatomi Citizen Nation, Shawnee,Oklahoma


  1. That's quite an impressive interpretation to go with your photo, I like both!

  2. Run Forrest, run!!! LOL

    I agree with Paul, that's a great interpretation of the photo and it is a good photo too.

  3. i like your interpretation, too! stunning sculpture!


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