Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Earth

Decorated In Red

26th Annual Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival
Myriad Gardens and Cox Center
Oklahoma City

I shot these pics on June 9th of this year for a series but had a hard time of deciding how I wanted to present them until now. The festival is steeped in Old Tradition but fully embraces the Current Times. One must certainly be respectful of the Spiritual aspect as well as the Customs. I will try and blend into my pics, using my editing program Picasa, my feelings and interpretation of the scenes that were viewed.

Nation by Nation

At the Grand Entry, dancers lead the People of their tribe into the large Cox Center where the dance competitions were held. Each individual was dressed in their native dress. OKC was in the center of Native American art and culture this weekend!

Unidentified Warrior

Red Earth Invitational Sculpture Exhibition

Native American artists exhibited their works in both inside and outside settings. All of the works shown were for sale. A range of sculptures from classical to abstract to large pieces will be seen.

Hope everyone enjoys the pics. All had some type of processing done on them to convey my interpretation of the scene, but the scene itself is true. Enjoy the visit to Red Earth!

a series


  1. this will be great. looking forward to more.

  2. I like the frames and post processing you chose for these three photos. I too am looking forward to seeing more of this new series!

  3. Sounds like something I would like. Can't wait to see your other photos.

  4. I agreed with everyone. The post processing is awesome.

  5. Oklahoma is definitely the place to have a Red Earth Festival!

    I really like the top photo with the way you did the processing and colors. YOu're getting pretty good at this stuff. Before you know it you be wanting more software to play with! LOL


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