Friday, August 31, 2012

View From A Bench

The garden bench made a perfect spot to sit for awhile to take in this scene. Lots of things to see and think about from this spot. Closest to me was a sculpture of a ball sitting on a tree trunk that was also sculpted. A curious but pleasing to the eye piece. A gazing or spirit ball perhaps? Lore has it that they bring good luck and prosperity, while warding off misfortune and evil spirits!

Just beyond the low bushes and partially blocked by the branches of a pine, stood a tipi in the style of the southern plains tribes. The entry facing east, the direction of the rising sun. Tradition!

Beyond the tipi, the modern skyscrapers of OKC takes over the landscape, towering over my humble scene from a bench in the park. But they didn't awe me! The ball reminded me of the circle of life. Just as the seasons of the year make the circle, the tipi made a circle, albeit longer by a hundred years plus. Here, on the banks of the North Canadian River,* I am confident that the conical structures of the tipi could be seen stretching up and down the banks long before statehood. Now a tipi stands in the shadows of the tall buildings, perhaps in the same spot as an early day one stood? Now that awes me!
*known these days as the Oklahoma River as it travels thru OKC
Red Earth


  1. the sculpture is very interesting. but i like your thought of whether a tipi stood in this place many years before.

  2. Seems like a peaceful place to spend time, especially with a camera!

  3. Maybe the Indians liked to play basketball! LOL

    I like the contrast of history in your shot. The door facing hte east huh? I think I woul dhave to turn mine the other way so I could sleep in. :~)


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