Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Panel Statement

Power of Hope   Unconquerable Spirit   With The Vision of an Eagle
by Enoch Kelly Haney
Osceola, a Seminole resistance leader, is shown plunging a knife into a proposed treaty with the U.S. government, capturing the unconquerable spirit of the tribe.
Enoch Kelly Haney was the first full blood American Indian to serve in the Oklahoma Legislature and also served a four year term as Principal Chief of The Seminole Nation. Not only a great leader but a gifted artist as well. Probably the most seen of his many sculptures is the "Guardian", a 22ft. bronze which tops out the Oklahoma State Capitol dome located in OKC.
Red Earth


  1. yeah, i can just imagine the promises that treaty made, too...

  2. I would think he probably had a good reason to stick the knife in the treaty. I'm surprised he didn't stick it in somebody insteady of something!

    Nice bit of history with the photo.

  3. Mr. Haney sounds like quite the fellow! Nice looking plaques and nice picture of them.


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