Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dry places

Ok I'm back from a little trip away from my Rainforest home on the West Coast of Canada. Took a short holiday down below the 49th and East over the Cascades into the center of Washington State. Finding this much hot dry landscape was a feast for my eyes and I took a number of pictures. These three are probably the most interesting. Please note: No tripods were harmed in the making of these pictures... LOL


  1. Lots of great detail in these shots. I really like the bridge shot!

    No tripods harmed? You probably didn't even get it dirty, except for the dust it collected back home. LOL

    1. Well for what it's worth I did take the tripod with me, I even looked at it once where it's buried behind the seat of my truck.

      Truth be known the top two shots are out the drivers side of my speeding truck... I did roll the window down though. LOL

  2. wow, that bridge over the dry river is a shot and a half. :) i like the ridge in the top shot, too!

  3. These pictures remind me of Santa Fe in New Mexico. These are great pictures, it has a lot of details, and pretty damn good for drive by shooting.

  4. Nice shots Paul. I enjoy that type of terrain!
    The long bridge crossing the dry wash appears to be fairly new. Interesting area you visited!


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