Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Peas in a pod!

Been a great year for peas, best crop ever! Problem is I don't know what I did different this year than other years... LOL Guess I should pay more attention eh?

Now the beans on the other hand are making lots of growth and blossoms but then the blossoms just fall off and very few beans grow... Any ideas?


  1. I have never seen peas on the vine. Nice shot.

  2. no suggestions. looks delicious!

  3. Maybe you need some humming birds. LOL

    I'm not much of a green thumb guy so I can't be of much help either. I do like the bottom photo though. It's a great close-up. Very clear and in focus.

  4. Lots of peas on those vines. A healthy crop indeed! Can't help you with the bean problem.

  5. Can't help you on the green peas problem, but I can give you a recipe how to cook this with fried rice.


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