Friday, August 17, 2012

Seeing Double

These first two shots aren't the greatest of shots but once the two pelicans flew over me and out over the ocean they headed towards two chinook helicopters and the pair of "birds" struck me as something I might not see again so I took a couple of photos.

I think we were standing in just the right spot on the beach for the pelicans. I had several that flew right in at me just so I could get their picture. LOL


  1. Well composition pictures, and sharp. Like I said you are getting good on the birds photography.

  2. Sure makes an interesting pic with the Chinooks. Another interesting observance for me was the way the Pelicans are using the end feathers of their wings as trim tabs much like the Turkey Buzzards do!
    These rascals still look pre-historic, should have a dactyl at the end of their name!LOL

  3. Pelicanidactyl... Hmmm LOL

    Good shooting Ron! The one of the two Pelicans and the Chinook Helicopters is an eye catching photo and the single pelican flying at eye level is a nice capture too!

  4. I prefer the ones with the wings.


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