Saturday, August 4, 2012

Going Long

Hello from the Pacific Coast. Aaron and I went out to take some shots last night around La Jolla Cove. We were hoping for some sunset photos but we spent too much time in the sushi restaurant over eating so we got to the beach a little late for the good color.

I took a long shutter exposure on this shot (15 seconds at f8 with the Nikon 17-35mm) looking across the cove. We're going to try for the sunset photos again tonight as long as the clouds cooperate.

This photo is as shot except for the frame since I am using Cheryl's laptop and don't have access to my photo editing programs. I really miss my editing programs!


  1. Sweet shot! Great colors! La Jolla looks beautiful!

  2. Very nice even without post processing!
    I'm going to be away from my computer for a few days myself... So if you don't see me on here it's because I'm out and about and will be back in a few days with some fresh pictures to post!

  3. Nice colors! If you come back tonight, I would setup my camera "low" on the sandy beach, and use a GND filter for a few shots at f/11 with the Sun in-front of your camera. Then shot with a -2stops ND filter at f/5.6 during the Sun just below the horizon.

  4. I like it just the way it is. And theres the palm tree as advertised. Hope you are enjoying the cooler temps!

    1. Are you kidding me??? It was 62 degrees when we got off the plane on Friday and the high was 71!!! We had to go buy Cheryl a jacket so she could go to the beach while I was taking photos in the evening. I'm not looking forward to coming back to those 100+ temps. That hottest it supposed to be the whole time we are here is just 75. Should I rub it in some more? LOL

  5. Beautiful jewel-like color in the night sky.


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