Thursday, September 26, 2013

A most interesting insect...

A few days back I was out cutting some firewood to top off the already full wood shed. Just as I was about to split this one particular piece a rather large insect landed on the side of it. When I saw what a unique insect this was I got the camera out of my truck and took several pictures.

Any idea just what kind of insect this is? All told it is almost 3 inches from the tip of it's antennas to the tip of its rather long tail.


  1. i think it is a type of ichneumon wasp - a female that is probably looking for a place to lay eggs.

    here's a blog i found a similar one on, but you'd have to translate to english to read more.

    1. Wow, I'm impressed, you are absolutely correct!

      CLASS: Insects - ORDER: Hymenoptera - FAMILY: ichneumonids - GENUS AND SPECIES: Rhyssa persuasoria (this from the website you suggested)

  2. My Lands! What a streamlined nimble wasp you have found! Even has a stabilizer for a tail.

    Full Woodshed! Reminds me of the times in the fifties when I was a kid in Montana. Three years of experiences!

  3. I thought it was some kind of huge mosquito. Interesting looking creature.

  4. And here I was with the name of that bug right at the tip of my tongue. LOL It's a great shot though.


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