Friday, September 20, 2013

Looking Up

When Aaron and I were at the lake last weekend we had a couple of these birds fly directly over head of us and I tried to take a few photos. Since they were almost straight above us I couldn't get below the camera to look through the view finder fast enough so I used the old "spray and pray" method on the shutter release.
They aren't the best photos because of the lighting but it gives you an idea of how fast the 600mm lens will focus and shoot, even with the teleconverter on. I may never take the teleconverter off!


  1. i like the feather patterns you can see from this angle. :)

  2. Excellent results considering the method used! "Spray and Pray" never heard that one before, but it fits!

    1. Spray and pray is a term used by shooters (guns) to describe a shooting style, mainly used by people who don't practice much. They just shoot as many rounds as they can hoping to hit something.

  3. This shot angle gives a good look at the narrow, streamlined profile of the bird's body. And as Tex said a good view of the feather patterns.

  4. The light did make the wing pattern look very nice and detailed.


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