Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunrise on a rain storm

I'd like to say I worked really hard to get this shot however, I was sitting on the lanai of our condo in Maui so the hardest thing I had to do was put down my coffee and pick up the camera. I even used the P7700 on auto so I didn't have to tax my brain so early in the morning!
The rain shower is over the isalnd of Moloka'i just across the channel from Maui. The sun was coming over the mountains on Maui and lighting up the tops of the thunder clouds.


  1. No need to try and out think the auto feature on that camera. It does have the knack for capturing a colorful sunrise!

  2. Well with a sky like that and the ocean in front of you, you really don't have to do much! :D

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. That P7700 is definitely a keeper! You and Cheryl have both taken some fabulous pictures with it including this one!

  4. Best kind of capture there is if you don't have to work for it. Beautiful.

  5. Very nice indeed. Great photo.


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