Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"SEEN" In The Park

The "Eyes" Have It!
Here lately it seems that the City Park is my "go to place" for capturing a few shots with the camera. Oh well, a guy could do worse! In fact the "Seens" I've been finding while on my morning walks have been pretty interesting for me. September always brings new players to the table! My next few (or many) posts will explore and show my found "Seens!).

Seen! An Early Arrival!
Started to name this pic "On My Way To Mexico!"  What a journey this Monarch is on. Godspeed and thanks for being one of my "Seens!"

I will call this post three. My last posts of the Kites and Locust blooms and beans, were one and two!



  1. Oh goody another one of your most excellent series of pictures! (AKA "SEENS")

    Both beautiful captures, love the morning light for both of these shots!

  2. Beautiful shot! Love that first shot.

  3. Beautiful shot! Love that first shot.

  4. I like the shots. Especially the depth of field in the first one.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. Great shots of the butterflies. I especially like the monarch shot.


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