Sunday, September 8, 2013

Waking Up The Birds

Cleared For Takeoff! Runway 17!
Since when did the birds start sleeping in? Thought I would get an early start to the day Saturday morning and begin my walk in the Park at the Crack of Dawn. How was I to know the resident Geese (Who no longer fly North for the Summer) would still be asleep on the pond. Hey you Loafers , it's time to get Up!

The Last To Fly
My plan was to make my way over to a dead tree behind the Bandstand where this years crop of teenage Mississippi Kites were hanging out overnight. A good plan Almost!

Stretch and Yawn!
Seven Kites were perched in the leafless branches of the once living tall tree. One of them Smelled a Rat! How dare a Guy with a camera think he could sneak in and capture pics in the soft light of morning! Six birds woke up and Flew the Coop before a decent pic could be made!

Should I Go-Or Should I Stay?
The saving grace was this one timid youngster that hung around until the Sun just peeked over the horizon. Marginal pics, but, a real happening!


  1. oh, he's beautiful, parker! since i've only seen one adult, seeing a spotted youngster is really cool! and yet that black eye-slash is very easily seen. :)

  2. You have me intrigued. Why do the geese no longer fly North for the summer? Is this something new? I'm impressed that you take your walk at the crack of dawn.

  3. There is a small group of 30 or so Canadian geese that stay all winter where I live on Northern Vancouver Island... Interesting that you have a similar thing happening where you are also.

    Your juvenile Kites are sure attractive birds! I'd be willing to bet that after a half dozen early morning visits these youngsters would get used to seeing you around then you could slide in close and get some pictures!

  4. Is that a hill or were you listing to one side? LOL!

    I like the Kite shots. I think they came out great for early morning light. Maybe you should wear a gillie suit for your early morning walks!

  5. It would have been a neat thing to see in person! Thanks for sharing it with us! Might have to get up a little earlier and sneak in under darkness to get close and set up to get the shots you are looking for.

  6. I love that first shot! I like those photographer willing to get up early for the shot.


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