Thursday, September 19, 2013

Green "SEENS"

Small Green Cluster
Green seemed to be the eye catching color along this section of walking path.

Large Green Cluster
Early morning shadows with sunlight just beginning to peek through, highlighted the color.

A Lonely "Snow on the Mountain"
Growing at the edge of the treeline was this Ghost Weed. The only one I found in the Park.

Green Reflections
The play of light and shadows produced a nice contrast to the shades of green! This little neck of Mulvey's Pond had the feel of Ireland this morn!



  1. Very nice! I really like that snow weed and the close up on the "small green cluster" is really nice.

  2. except for a few snow-on-the-prairie we have, we have no green here.

  3. Nice group of green "SEENS" you found!

    Don't think I've ever seem the seed pods or pine cones in the first picture before... Any idea what kind of tree or bush these are on?

    1. If I'm not mistaken this is a Cypress Tree. The bark, needles, and cones matched the pics I found on a search.

  4. We've had so much rain and no we're pretty green right now. Nice shots.

  5. Nice and green. The bottom one does have the look of Ireland.

  6. Each of these photos are unique in their own way and give a different glimpse of the natural world. What a pleasure to walk among them.


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