Sunday, September 29, 2013

seen " A South Breeze"

South Breeze
A misnomer of sorts. Everyone knows you can't see the wind! You can feel it-you can hear it-you can even be blown over by it! This morning the invisible movement of air coaxed this feathery seed plume to point in a northerly direction.

Adding A Soft Touch
Ornamental grasses have been used in some of the landscape offerings in our city park. Sparingly, but with great affect I think?.

Bend With The Breeze
I would have preferred natural growing and native species of prairie grass for these plantings. But then again;
Our clime in Oklahoma supports these South American ornaments so well. They take me back to my youth when I used to dream about the Pampas Grass of Argentina. Raising cattle and riding my little paint pony through the Pampas! One never knows what may be blowing in a breeze!



  1. sweet dreaming. :)

    i love grasses - even the ornamentals. and i like your 'seen' wind.

  2. A beautiful patch of ornamental grasses even if they aren't native to the area, nice seen!

  3. The top photo in particular appeals to me because of how the grasses gracefully bend in the wind. The photo proves you wrong, Parker, you really can see the wind!

  4. Your seens are great! I really like the top photo too with the way the grass is blowing in the wind.

  5. love ornamental grasses and yours are so pretty.

  6. I like the second one! I guess we have just a month to enjoy these wonderful colors before the snow are here.


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