Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mooning you at 840mm

There was a big full moon last night so I grabbed the camera and the new "bazooka" lens and stepped out into the yard to take a couple of photos. I was still working so I didn't want to take the time to set up the tripod so this is actually a hand held shot. I could only take a few shots before my arm got tired.


  1. Was this with the D700 or 800? Really nice detail with the bazooka.

  2. No tripod, wow, great results!

  3. I had the camera set on shutter priority and was able to set it up to 1/500 second which helped a lot. ISO was 100

  4. Superb capture and hand held too.


  5. Ron have you tried your 1.4x teleconverter with your 150-500 Sigma yet? After all the fun you are having with your teleconverter I'm thinking one may be useful for my Sigma 120-400. Oh and what brand TC did you buy anyway?

    1. Paul, last winter I bought a Sigma 1.4x teleconverter for the 150-500mm lens to use in Hawaii on the whales and I was less than impressed with the results and sold the teleconverter. The photos were dark and lost quite a bit of the sharpness and color. I posted a few photos I took with that combination back in January or February if you want to look at them again.

      I gave my Sigma 150-500mm to Aaron for his birthday this year so I'll have to see if he will let me borrow it one day to try the new teleconverter with it. LOL

      The new one I bought is a Nikon TC14E teleconverter. Everything I've read about teleconverters say they work much better with prime lenses than they do with the zooms. Part of that has to do with the "t stop" compared to the "f stop". The t stop is the actual transmitted light through the lens and the f stop is a theoretical amount of light the lense should let through. A lot of the zooms have a different t stop than what their f stop is listed at. That's why Q didn't have good results on his Nikon 200-400mm lens with a teleconverter because the f stop is a 4 but the actual t stop is almost 5, making the photos darker and not quite as sharp.


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