Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A walk around the harbor

I needed a little Hawai'i today so I thought I would share. This is part of the harbor in Lahaina on Maui

I've posted one of these before. This was taken out of the water looking in as the fish were swimming by.

Somebody had a bad day on the boat! Look Paul, the prop isn't even bent! LOL


  1. since we're so dry here, i'll take the water scenes and be grateful for them. :)

  2. Clear blue waters are inviting. Second frame has an interesting play of light going on! Slick little fish in that frame also.

  3. Well, don't let Val see the 3rd. picture. She going to ask you to be a blue bucket man when you on the island. LOL. Really, could you take that out of the water for me! Thanks

  4. Really like the harbor shot. The water is so clear there.

  5. Beautiful pictures from Maui, can't believe how clear water is there!

    Must be at least one blade on that prop that's a little bent... Just can't see it from that angle. Ha ha!


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