Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fishing for salmon

The fish are still waiting for enough rain to fill the rivers so they can go up to spawn. So in the mean time people around here are filling their freezers with fresh salmon!

Most people around here fish with "Buzz Bombs", a brightly colored, vaguely fish shaped lead lure with a 3 prong hook on a casting rod.

I found this fellow fly fishing for salmon off the beach so I took a few pictures, he made it look so easy... Don't know how effective a method fly fishing is, but for the few minutes I watched he didn't catch any fish though he looked like he was enjoying the challenge!


  1. Something I always wanted to try. Looks like it could be a fun challenge.

  2. now that's what i call a zip line! :)

  3. Now that guy knows how to have fun. Like this action shot!

  4. That does look like fun! I like that shot too

  5. I always want to do that one day. Nice action shot!


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